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Laboratories are at the heart of our modern world. They are the engine driving our medical and pharmaceutical industries and are centers for scientific understanding and advancement. Laboratory supplies, equipment and furniture are all vital components of the work that is being done inside these scientific workshops.

At, we believe that quality laboratory supplies inevitably lead to quality scientific breakthroughs. We have therefore designed this site for those that want to learn about what’s currently available in the world of lab equipment. It is our goal to make this site a valuable source of information for the amateur and professional scientist alike. The information we provide is designed to be as unbiased as possible, and we do not endorse any one company or product.

Today’s laboratories are vastly superior to those of just a few decades ago. The instruments and equipment used are of a much higher quality and are capable of much more accurate results. Furthermore, there are many pieces of research equipment that simply weren’t available to lab technicians in the past. This improved technology is allowing scientists to push the boundaries of our knowledge.

High tech laboratory equipment is used by scientific institutions and universities around the world. The vast majority of this equipment can be quite expensive, and many of these institutions rely on grants, both public and private, in order to purchase the latest in laboratory technology. Many research universities and institutes can boost their reputation by maintaining the latest in scientific equipment. Recently the University of Utah achieved this distinction by building The Huntsman Cancer Institute, a revolutionary center for studying the causes and potential cures of this disease. Utah clinical research has never since been the same in its high tech approach to fighting cancer.

However, these high tech contraptions are not simply for bragging rights. Scientists using these machines have made numerous breakthroughs in medical research, earth sciences and a host of other scientific endeavors. They are proving to be invaluable for researchers in nearly every field of science, biological or otherwise.

It is important to remember, however, that not all laboratory supplies are high tech in nature. Glass beakers, for instance, have been used for centuries as a means of measuring, mixing, or dispensing chemicals and other liquids. This type of glassware is still one of the most commonly used tools of a research lab. However, the type of glass used in the manufacturing of these items has changed, with Pyrex and borosilicate glass being the preferred materials for the modern lab.

Laboratory furniture is another example of low-tech lab equipment. Most people probably don’t consider furniture a vital tool of scientific research, but the fact remains that a lab without a proper work surface is simply ineffective. Stainless steel or a manmade composite are the most common materials from which many of these table tops are made. These materials are designed to be resistant to the various chemicals and compounds that are commonly found in the average research lab. Storage cabinets and shelves are also necessary for keeping things neat and orderly.

If you have any questions about any of the many different pieces of common laboratory equipment, please feel free to peruse our learning center. There you will find a library of information regarding most laboratory supplies.



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